Up for the challenge?

So, I took on a huge undertaking this year. I mean a big one. And I think I’m ready to share it with the world. Are you ready?

I challenged myself to take a picture every day for the whole.entire.year.

There. I said it. Out loud. And I have every intention of keeping up with it. That’s why I’m putting it out here in hard drive land, as my friend says. The way I figure it, the more people who know, the better chance I have of keeping up with it. You know, because I don’t want to let you all down. All 4 of you.

This is today’s picture. It’s the third picture I’ve taken and it was the first one that I actually had time to take time to think about what I wanted to shoot.

I know it looks like something that should have come out of the movie, What Lies Beneath but it’s nothing exciting like that. I stood inside my shed, opened the door and snapped the picture through the latch on the shed door. See, nothing scary.

So, did you take on any huge challenges this year? Want to join mine? I even have a Flickr group set up. I’m all official and everything. Of course I’m only on Day 3.


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