One of the things I’ve decided to do on this blog is to get you acquainted with the city where I live. As many of you know (like I said in my last post, that would be all 4 of you), I shouldn’t be on the Bureau of Tourism for Florida. It’s no secret it’s not my favorite place. With that said, there HAS to be something nice about this city. Right? So what if I’m not a beach lover? So what if I think the summers are way too long and hot? And while I’m at it, I don’t really think it’s all that pretty. So, have I gone down to only three readers now?

I’ve decided to copy a feature I found on a blog I read, Door Sixteen. Ever so often, she and her husband pretend to be tourists in their own town. I want to point out that they have a MUCH better place to tourist (like how I made that a verb?) — NYC. I’m sorry, I don’t care how much you like it here in St. Petersburg, FL, you will never convince me that it’s as interesting/hip/cool/appealing/chic/trendy as New York City. Ever.

I stumbled upon something near the water today. (I’ll give you a minute to sit down while the shock of me being near the water sinks in.) I found Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum. I know, why hadn’t I thought to google Palm Arboretum before today, right? There it was. Right next to Northshore pool, a mini park full of different species of palm trees. Before today, I would have said we have 3-5 different species in our area: 1) big ones 2) short ones 3)prickly ones 4) pretty ones and 5) any one I can’t think of at the moment. Wrong. There are over 100 palm trees represented in the arboretum. It was nice to walk through and see them all. There’s even a little arbor with some sort of vine that probably produces beautiful blooms in the spring.

This didn’t cause me desire to live here for the rest of my life but it was fun to find my own Secret Garden. OK, don’t get too excited…it’s not that amazing.

So, are there any other places you think I should “tourist”?


6 thoughts on “Touristing

  1. You may not think fl is great but it sure beats the yucky browness of a northern winter. I hope that as you tour you learn to appreciate your surroundings. 😉 loving your pics and blogs

  2. Love, love your Blog – I too do not like where I live at all and if it wasn’t for the call on my life to be here I would so be by that beach sitting down with a umbrella drink:) I hate snow it is pretty to look at in a post card but I hate driving in it and no matter what people say it turns to ice and then it is a skating rink on rubber wheels:)
    Love the Photos you make me want to start searching for the unpredictible.

  3. Hooray for you! We do this a lot in Chicago and now do it here too when people come to visit. I have a few suggestions of places I have found here that I love. In Gulfport, we have Clam Bayou where there are paths to little docks all along the mangrove. It’s quiet and peaceful and pretty. Of course, everyone knows Sunken Gardens in St. Pete but it is quite lovely and we love to wander the paths. They have a beautiful orchid garden in there. Love, love Pass-a-Grille, all of it. I almost always take our company on the sunset cruise from the Merry Pier in Passe-a-Grille…it’s a small boat and you bring your own wine and snacks and it cruises through the intercoastal and then out into the Gulf to watch the sunset. It’s inexpensive and you meet the most interesting people. There is a very small park, can’t think of the name of it but it’s on Gulfport Blvd as you go past where we live and go straight across Pasadena by that new Publix; it’s on the right and has lily pond and plantings and there are always turtles and birds there. Across the street from it is a children’s playground and tennis court. It’s very serene (the park, not the playground!) but Kayley and I visit both regularly.
    Love it, love it what you are doing Amber!

  4. Ok., I love this idea. As a matter of fact I have been wanting to do “Where you grew up” post for the girls in my family blog and post pictures of Safety Harbor and write about it. I took pictures of all of Safety Harbor about a year ago but still haven’t written the post. You reminded me of it again. Great idea Amber!

  5. Amber-
    I LOVE this idea–and you knew I would! lol
    Two reasons: I love it because it (St. Pete) is MY little hometown that I really miss now that I am living 8 hours away. I love it because it is a great idea! I had no idea about the palm trees, but I should tell you it is one of the things I miss here. Narry a palm tree in the ATL, I tell ya.
    On a side note about the word “tourist”- I mentioned tourism as a big part of living in St. Pete. (People in this area think it’s hilarious when I say “St. Pete” (or “Floridian” for that matter!) as if I made it up as a nickname for St. Petersburg all by myself!)
    My students looked at me so funny when I said “tourism” and then they realized I was NOT saying “terrorism”!
    Apparently, they put a little more emphasis on the “or” sound in “tourism” than we yankee-sounding Floridians do! LOL

    Keep writing! Lovin’ it!


    • No, I’m not surprised you like this idea. I actually hadn’t thought about people like you (who used to live here) enjoying it. Let me know if you can think of any hideaway places down here & I’ll try to include them. Funny story about your students. You should make up a nickname for Newnan and walk around calling your town New.

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