Redecorating and renovating are on my mind. Mostly redecorating. Is it just me, or does anyone else have a desire to redecorate in January? What is it about the start of a new year that begs us to change a myriad  of things relating to ourselves or our environment? Maybe it’s just a psychological thing that when the Christmas decorations come down, something else “fun” needs to be put in their place. I would venture to guess that the last few redecorations we’ve done have been in January (except for one year when I got the psychotic idea to repaint the living room AND decorate for Christmas all at once).

I inherently know that whatever small project I have a hankering for doing will end up creating chaos and a necessity to undertake more home improvements. No simple job can be just that. A “simple” coat of paint  reveals other things that have been put off. For example, two years ago when we painted our living room, we had to fix a crooked chair rail. Like I said, simple can’t be simple. Of course, we didn’t have the original paint color so off to the Home Improvement stores we went with chunks of chair rail so they could color match paint that was 10+ years old. And in an old house that doesn’t have a level floor, wall or angle anywhere, where do you place the chair rail so that it appears level? Do you make it level with the base boards? Or the ceiling? Or with the sofa table that sits under it? It always leads to other headaches but nevertheless, I still want to jump headfirst into a new project.

What about you? Do you find the need to create or redecorate after Christmas? Please tell me that I’m not the only crazy one out here. And while I’m asking questions, any ideas on where to find retro (new or used) dining room chairs at a reasonable price? All right…I’m off to find a new couch for our living room since Ken put the kibosh on my perfect find. Or should I start with the dining room furniture first? Choices, choices. At least neither one needs to have the chair rail fixed.


3 thoughts on “Redecorvating

  1. i really redecorated a few spots! which is a lot for me. i guess, nobody else will notice, but i like it. it’s all about lights…i got su used to the lights on the christmas tree, that i wanted to keep them all…without the tree(-:

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