Chasing chickens and penny pinching

Today I was invited to go dress shopping with my friend, Alisha, and her daughter, Anna. You may remember Anna from this post. See, Anna & I both need a dress for a wedding so they invited me to tag along. That’s how the one of the  best afternoons I’ve had in a long time started. With a simple invitation.

First stop: Anthropologie. How can a day get any better after Anthropologie, you ask? Well, sit tight – I’ll fill you in. Neither of us found anything there so off to Ybor City and Urban Outfitters we went. Anna didn’t find a dress but I found some great treats: a birthday gift and card for a friend (whose birthday doesn’t happen to be until May) and a coffee mug for me.

Here I was, thinking that the afternoon was coming to an end. Who knew it was just getting started? On our way to the parking garage, we walked over railroad tracks. (No, not those railroad tracks; we weren’t on the wrong side at all.)

Some birds had caught Alisha’s eye a little way down the tracks and upon further investigation we found that it wasn’t just birds – it was a flock (how many birds does it need to be in order to make it a “flock”?) of chickens!

As the three of us were approaching the chickens (Anna first, with Alisha close behind and me way in the back) a car crossed and scared them away (the nerve). The flock of chickens ran into a bank parking lot toward the ATM. (Why would chickens need an ATM anyway?)

We chased the chickens around for a while, trying to get them back over the railroad track. No luck.

Giving up on the chickens, we headed for the parking garage once again. That’s when a far off sound caught my attention. A train was coming! (Call me a silly girl, but I love watching passing trains.) Alisha had the grand idea of putting pennies on the track. frantically, we dug through our purses to find pennies. I found none but came up with a nickel. We raced to place them on the track before the train arrived. As the train passed, full of passengers, we waited anxiously for our five pinched pennies and my one nickel. As soon as the train passed we hurried to search for our coins. All of them had been thrown from the tracks and it was a scavenger hunt to find them in the rocks that lay around the railroad ties. Alisha found the first one squashed like a pancake! Soon enough, all 10 cents had been located – pinched and squished just as we had imagined.

This is what the track looks like after the penny has been squashed. Bet you didn’t know what a penny print was before today.
What a fine, fun day I had. It’s not every day that chickens, trains and friends are all put into one day. At least not in my life. 


7 thoughts on “Chasing chickens and penny pinching

  1. I’m a little sad I couldn’t enjoy the fun day you described. So simple and yet so very sublime. You all found some wonder in just going to shop for a dress. 🙂

  2. This made me smile. Maybe it’s the personal connection with you guys, but I could actually see you chasing the chickens and trains. Love the pics to go with it. Very fun.

  3. sounds like a lot of fun! wish i could have taken a picture of you ladies chasing the chickens, ha! hey, and who’s that friend with birthday in may? i know Crista has her birthday in may and…hummm…

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