My little lull

Hello, blog readers. So it looks like I hit a lull in posting. And so soon. I really haven’t had much to talk about lately. I thought about blogging my photo of the day but since I already put them up on flickr and Facebook, I decided  it would be overkill to put them here, too. But I came up with a compromise. I found an amazing tutorial on Simplicity. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but couldn’t figure out how. Then yesterday as I was reading her blog, I found that she put up a tutorial for it! I’m so excited, I may not be able to get to sleep tonight. (I need to get a life, right?) So I’ve decided to  do one of these little collages each week. Here’s week #1:

My busy week starts tomorrow with a trip to a cute little coffee shop with my friend, Steffie. She’s quite the photographer and I can’t wait to catch up with her. I’m hoping we’ll take some pictures. And maybe, just maybe, the coffee shop will be the topic of my next “Touristing” post. I can bet most of you have never been there. And if you have been there, why did you keep it a secret and not tell me about it?


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