Sweet Shot Tuesday

I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with redundant photos. But I’m linking up with this site . Each Tuesday, you choose you’re favorite photo of the week and share it. Anyone is welcome to play along so if you’re interested, follow the link and join us.

I’ve chosen this photo as my favorite photo of the week. It’s funny to some that when the storms come around I get excited. This was a pretty big storm for our area – tornado warnings, lots of sideways rain and wind. So, naturally, I went outside. When the storm was at its strongest, the boys and I sat on the porch to check out the hullabaloo. This storm came with more wind and rain than many “hurricanes” have come with. After the downpour subsided some, I took my umbrella, tripod and camera out to the street to brave the cold rain and oncoming cars. Anything for a photo, right? Ten minutes, two cars and lots of rain later, I came in with this shot:


What shots have been your favorite this week?


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