Vicariously stalking A Beautiful Mess

So, I’ve been reading the cutest blog for a while now. In case you missed the link on the right, go check out A Beautiful Mess (I’ll wait right here for you). Doesn’t Elsie looks like she’s the coolest gal a girl could know? I’ve been following her blog for about a year now and I just love it. I love to see all the cool fashion tips she shares, her photos and stories. And she’s engaged to a singer who has the most delightful voice. She recently opened a store in Springfield, Missouri called Red Velvet. It looks like it’s a neat store filled with vintage items, handmade accessories, clothes and…cupcakes (I know, it gets better and better as I go on).

As you may or may not know, my parents are out of town on a business trip. It’s actually my dad’s trip but he kidnapped my mom and turned it into a mini vacation. They started out in Florida on Thursday. When they come home next week, their “mini vacation” will have consisted of at least five states and 3,500+ miles! Since my parents just happened to be passing through Springfield, I asked if they’d stop by Elsie’s store. If I can’t meet her in person, then they definitely should! Being that I’m their favorite daughter (ok, so I’m the only daughter, no matter), they agreed. They landed in Springfield today and stopped for a visit. Elsie was there & they said she was lovely (not that I expected to hear anything different). She was very friendly even after they described their stalker daughter to her. I even have it on good authority that she wrote a note to me. A real, handwritten note by a real blogger…I cannot wait to read it!

Thank you, Elsie, for being so kind to my parents. You were the highlight of their day as they drove though a very dreary, rainy Missouri. I can’t wait to see the treasures they’re bringing home from your store!


3 thoughts on “Vicariously stalking A Beautiful Mess

  1. @ ken…LOL!!!

    Amber, that’s so neat that they actually get to meet one of your blogger friends. I love that! I live in Booneyville so nobody ever comes visit me! just kidding! 😛

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