An almost famous night

I’m going to include this post in my Touristing category, only because up until a  little while ago, I had never visited this place. I’ve passed it a zillion times and never stopped. Maybe you’ve done the same, too. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll drop in soon.

Dairy Inn of St. Petersburg is a charming little place on 9th Street and 12th Avenue North. It has been around since 1947 (which was a little trivia question that Ken guessed correctly before the boys could). From the picture hanging in the minuscule (but clean) bathroom, it doesn’t look like it’s changed much since the good ole’ days. Even they claim they’re “almost famous”. In 1947, they only sold ice cream but now they offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and, of course, ice cream.

There’s no inside seating, just a walk up window and 5 or 6 picnic tables outside. How come eating at an outdoor restaurant makes you feel like you’re in a small town? Even with the cars whizzing by, there’s a quaint feeling to it. I think that feeling is reserved for only the open air restaurants.

They have great details in this place. Each lamp is painted differently. Here’s one I found:

We had dinner and then dessert! I won’t bore you with the details of dinner but do suggest you try the homemade root beer. It’s delicious. We all ordered something different for dessert. I scarfed down a soft serve cone dipped in hard chocolate which dripped down and made my hands all sticky. I didn’t mind. Ken had a soft serve cone (chocolate, of course). Ethan attempted to attack the humongous strawberry smoothie (and ultimately lost) and Jackson took great pleasure in the hand dipped strawberry ice cream.

Here’s Ethan showing off his ham and cheese sub sandwich:

Jackson was cold:

Homemade root beer. Yum:

I took great pleasure in the company of my family. After a particularly long week, this was just what I needed. No, I didn’t need the ice cream, I needed the love of those around me. I needed their company but the ice cream didn’t hurt.


10 thoughts on “An almost famous night

  1. I love these greasy spoon places! This one has such character, love those hamburger lamps.. lol. So fun! Nothing beats a night out with the fam. I love those too. It fills you up with happiness doesn’t it? Thx for commenting on my blog today. Always makes my day when ppl comment. Good thing you stopped by because I’m loving your photos! Have a super Tuesday.. : )

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