Berry good time of the year

Oh yeah. It’s that time of year again: strawberry season. If there’s anything I love about living in Florida, it’s strawberry season! At this time of year, they’re practically giving them away at the grocery store. And that’s fine with me – they freeze wonderfully! Strawberry shortcake, strawberries in my ice cream, a bowl of strawberries, strawberries in yogurt, strawberry smoothies (I’m starting to sound like Bubba Gump now). You name it, Ethan & I will eat it!

What’s your favorite fruit during this time of the year?


9 thoughts on “Berry good time of the year

  1. also strawberries! we bought a huge basket at the strawberry-festival and made a yummy “magic bowl”: strawberries, ice-cream topped with caramel magic-shell, freshly whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce and some cookies for decoration.
    yeah…pretty low-carb…

  2. Strawberries, now?? My plants are still looking sad. Not a bloom on the bunch. You are so lucky! I’ve never thought about freezing them. Do you freeze them on a sheet pan so they freeze individually and then bag them?

    • Last year, my son’s 1st grade class went on a strawberry picking field trip. We had strawberries for months! And that’s just what I did: I froze them on a cookie sheet & then bagged them. This last batch, I just rinsed them, dried them & bagged them. I’ve used some in shakes already & they turned out fine.

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