Downtown Booty

OK, so I didn’t intend for this to turn into a photography blog, but I’ve got another photo to post. {Not to worry, I have a nice story about my two boys to share with you real soon}

I’m participating in a photo challenge over at Twisted Fate Photography and this week the challenge is “Street”. I decided to enter this picture in the challenge because it is…duh…a street. Technically, it’s a sidewalk but it’s next to the street. I’ve never actually been in Star Booty salon. I think I’ll have to try it soon. I have this new found love for downtown St. Pete & it’s mostly thanks to my friend, Steffie. I’ll have to tell you about her sometime. So, without further ado…

Come play along with us. The more, the merrier!


9 thoughts on “Downtown Booty

    • Thanks so much! As you can see, I’m just now getting on the blog bandwagon. Thanks for the blog love. And YES…I love Arrested Development. I had forgotten about that chair. Wasn’t his white? Oh, how I love Buster.

  1. that’s a lovely shot. I like the composition. St. Pete, Fl? I’m in love with it as well. 🙂 I told my husband I want to move there once we leave Italy (or at least to Tampa to be close to St. Pete).

    • Thanks. Yes, St. Pete – good eye! Seriously? Out of all the place in the world, you’d pick here? I, obviously, shouldn’t be on the board of tourism for Florida since I find it fascinating that people actually choose to move here. I’m trying to make the best of my current location. Florida is just too, too hot for too, too long. Wanna trade? Italy for St. Petersburg?

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