Chasing chickens and penny pinching: take 2

I went to Ybor on Friday and tried to recreate this day with my boys. I picked them up from school & we headed to Ybor before meeting Ken in Brandon (he was returning home from a trip to Georgia). We parked in the same garage and headed down the same street to see the chickens. They didn’t disappoint. It was almost as if they knew we were coming & were waiting for us – about 10 of them – as we walked out of the garage. However, I don’t think they boys were quite as impressed as Alisha, Anna & I were.

Now, we need to wait for the train to come so we can pinch our pennies. We waited and waited and waited. And while we did that, I got some pretty cute pictures of some pretty cute boys.

Ethan wanted to pretend he was tied to the tracks & that the train was on its way (this from the kid who said he didn’t want to be in drama):

A discarded railroad tie:

We waited and waited for the train to come so we could squish our pennies but it never showed up so we headed to 7th Avenue. (OK locals, please settle down. It was still daylight so the “nightlife” wasn’t out yet. It was still just normal, working, tourist people. No loud clubs with half dressed girls running around yet.) The boys stopped to watch a cigar maker:

We headed back to our car so we could pick up Ken in Brandon. I was a little bummed that the train never came but happy we had a good time. As we left the garage and came to the first stop sign, I saw the arm come down & the light start blinking. Could it be? Could it be that the train was coming? Why, yes it could! I jumped out of the car and put 5 pennies on the track. I’m pretty sure the engineer was not happy with me being so close to the train but I made it safe and sound. I had successfully recreated my first trip to Ybor and this time the boys got to reap the benefits!


11 thoughts on “Chasing chickens and penny pinching: take 2

  1. What a great time! I will have to remember to do this with my boys… though the train usually comes through town in the early morning, and there is no way I am getting up to squish penning… lol LOVE the photos!

    BTW- I love the name of your blog.

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