Photo of the day

After much deliberation (boy that sounds way more serious than it really was), I’ve decided to post my 365 Challenge photos here on my blog. I wasn’t going to, but I’ve found myself participating in a few other photo challenges and I’m always wanting to link back here. So, here are some recent photos.

A cool find on my way home from taking the boys to school one morning. 068/365

I really wish I had inherited my grandmother’s green thumb. She creates things like this with no effort. 069/365:

My boys hopping the tracks at Ybor City in Tampa. 070/365:

There’s always fun things to find at the flea market. 071/365:

We took the boys to the park & enjoyed some time on the shore. Jackson, my youngest, would be barefoot every day if I let him. 072/365:

My parents own a bunch of slides and I can’t wait to transfer them into photos! 073/365:



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