Cracker Country

One of the things I love most about being a stay at home mom is being involved at my children’s school. I wouldn’t consider myself the crazy type that volunteered in the school office so I can spy on my kids all day long. But I do volunteer in the class weekly. And pretty much any time they do something fun. And on field trips. OK, so I’m sounding more crazy than I thought.

Last week, the 2nd graders went to Cracker Country. This is located on the Florida State Fairgrounds. It’s a living museum that recreates a 1880’s Florida town. It was one of the favorite trips for my older son, Ethan. I was sure that Jackson would love it as well. Since their Social Studies have been all about the early days of America, this trip fit perfectly. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to drive and we rode with our kind friends that own a van. I have vowed to give everyone a ride whenever they need it if I ever have the chance to have a mini van. I never thought I’d say I wanted that quintessential transportation for moms. But when you have two kids and they want to bring a friend or two home with them, it gets hard having a normal sized car. Anyway…back to the field trip. All of the children were given hats or bonnets. Cute, huh? I’m sure these photos will be the source of blackmail once they start dating.

The children learned how they made candles back in the day:

After making candles, they went on to make a rope. Each child got a turn to turn the machine & the teacher got to take the rope back to the school. I’ve already seen the girls playing jump rope with it at recess. Ah, memories:

They taught the the children how how to do laundry and ironing. As I listened to the all the work that went into just laundry, I suddenly felt pretty lazy about myself. Now Jackson has no excuse:

After laundry, it was time for school:

Jackson writing his name on the mini blackoboard:

They showed us what kind of toys children played with. Even I cannot imagine life without electronics. These were Jackson’s favorites:

We watched the blacksmith, too:

I think Jackson enjoyed the trip just as much as his older brother did 3 years ago. Way to go, Cracker Country!


11 thoughts on “Cracker Country

  1. Beautiful pictures of a very fun day! I’m sure the kids will remember this one for a long time. And I hear you about the laundry in the old days! I like my washer and dryer! LOL

  2. Hey, how come I never knew about this? That is the neatest thing! Do they have this on the weekends too? I have to take my daughters too. Great pictures!

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