Look at that rack

Sorry to disappoint all the men that googled “rack” and came up with this:


But you shouldn’t be googling “rack” anyway, so maybe I’m not all that sorry. Maybe I’m coming down from my cold medicine high or maybe I’m just a teenage boy at heart but my title made me giggle this morning. I normally call for outside help to come up with my clever titles. (If you’re sitting there thinking, “Her titles aren’t really all that clever,” you can blame Ken.)

I saw these bike racks downtown yesterday while we were on our way to buy tickets to the concert (which was wonderful, by the way). I’m thinking I might need to get a bike so I can park it outside this lovely shop and tie it up to one of these racks. Yes, “tie it up”. Where do I think I live? In a ghost town? I think I’d pick the yellow one. It’s so happy, don’t you think?

Have a delightful weekend!


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