Beach bum

Ken & I had a free night without the kids so we decided to go out to eat. We didn’t have to pay for the kids, didn’t have to worry about getting them to bed at a reasonable hour and didn’t have to worry that the restaurant would have something they’d like to eat (yes, I have picky eaters). So we decided to try Pete & Shorty’s. It’s a new restaurant that opened up in our city. I’m sorry to report that this water fountain was the best thing about the place. It wasn’t horrible, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back. The food was ho-hum as well as the atmosphere. But at least I got my photo of the day!



One thought on “Beach bum

  1. It’s too bad that the place was less than stellar, but at least it was a night out! I love those (few) nights out when it’s just me and my husband – a nice and much needed breather.

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