Midnight photo shoot

Photo of the Day. “Day” is supposed to the operative word, right? So why is it that I found myself wandering around last night at midnight looking for something to photograph? Why do I do this to myself? Yesterday was the day we had rain and tornadoes all day long & it made me feel very lazy. Maybe that’s why. I sure paid for it when I went on a scavenger hunt. I’m sure my husband and I were a sight to see, walking around our alley at midnight (I didn’t want to go out myself) taking pictures! I know this is pretty much out of focus, but it was the best I had (pretty bad when this is my best!).



2 thoughts on “Midnight photo shoot

  1. I don’t know… that is a very cool photo! GREAT work for Midnight! I would have done something like taken a photo of the contents of my fridge or something!

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