The joke’s on me

So, I tried a funny joke yesterday and it didn’t go over too well. Yesterday, I posted a photo of nothing but black for my Photo of the Day. It was (supposed to be) an April Fool’s joke.

Maybe you guys really thought I took the time to photograph my couch from a distance of .00001 millimeters. Or maybe you thought that wordpress was messing up it’s photo posts. Or maybe you did get the joke but didn’t think it was all that funny. Hopefully it wasn’t #3. If so, it was Ken’s idea. Although he didn’t claim it for his own on his blog, it really was his idea.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my photo of the day. I haven’t had time to upload and edit today’s photo.


4 thoughts on “The joke’s on me

  1. Honestly, I knew that was exactly what you were doing. I didn’t get it at first, then after a minute I assumed that’s what you were doing : ) Wow, I’m smart! Ha! Great April Fool’s prank.

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