Stay classy, St. Petersburg

I’ve become tired of walking around my neighborhood. I feel like I know what’s coming around every corner. Can you blame me? I’ve lived here since I was in 2nd grade. And now I HAVE a 2nd grader. That’s a long time, folks. My mom & I have a little route that we usually take and I’m just bored of it. So yesterday when the hubby, offspring & I decided to get out of the house for a stroll, I suggested that we take a different path (gasp)! There are no forests or wilderness to explore in my town. We’re pretty much your average city. Nothing exciting (at least that’s what I think). So, I didn’t expect to see much of anything. Especially nothing out of the ordinary.

And then we happened upon this particular house. I had to be all stealth-like in my photography skillz (yeah, I’m so ghetto like that) because the owner was just around the corner. That’s why it’s not the best angle. I was just happy to get the shot I got.

Now, I’d like to ask you: Who thinks of this as a lawn decoration?


Let’s break this down. Random stumps of wood? Check. A random scarf hanging from a tree? Check. A merry-go-round-horse-turned rocking horse? Check. With a frog on its head? Why yes, thank you. Check. Head to my flicker page if you care to zoom in. Do so at your own risk.

Stay classy, St. Petersburg!


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