Heads up

This morning I headed to John’s Pass Boardwalk to have breakfast at the Friendly Fisherman with some friends. We ate and then walked around to see the sights (basically, we did some touristing). When I was growing up, my parents used to have a gift shop on the boardwalk. The place has changed so much since that little shop was open that it’s almost unrecognizable to me. What I do recognize are the countless gift shops full of junk for tourists to take home. You know you buy junk when you’re on vacation. Especially when you’re on vacation in Florida. Because who wants to come home without something like this:


Yep, I do believe those are heads carved out of coconuts. Creepy pirate heads. With lipstick. And I thought Johnny Depp had a lot of makeup.

Here’s the Madeira Beach Bridge:

I watched that drawbridge open and close countless times as a kid. Many days were spent sitting on the ledge of the boardwalk talking to tourists. (I wasn’t shy as a child, either.)

Bubba Gump Shrimp has a restaurant out there now. You can sit inside or under an umbrella:

I just happened to see this van drive by. I didn’t capture the web site & now I’m sorry I missed it. I’d love to see what kind of place has this van doing their advertising:

It was a great way to end my week. I have plenty of yard work planned for us tomorrow. What about you? What are you doing this weekend? Would you like to come do my yard work? Pretty please? I’ll buy you a coconut head for you to take back up north.


13 thoughts on “Heads up

  1. Gorgeous photos! …although those coconuts are SO creepy!!!

    Thanks for playing my ‘guessing game’ 😉 Apparently not a challenging one, since the first person to guess (you), guessed right! LOL It’s a piece of plywood that I’ve veneered myself, and will be one of the sides to a kitchen island that I’m building!

    • Thank you SO Much! I’ve been enjoying yours, too. Love the post with all the people. Street photography is so awesome but I find that I’m not that good at it. Probably means I should just do it some more. Thanks for stopping by!

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