No more junkyard

Ken & I spent the day doing yard work. We really don’t have much of a lawn. Who am I kidding? We have NO lawn. It’s mostly dirt, leaves and a few weeds. If we had more leaves, I would have left them because at least they would have been green. We pulled weeds, cut back shrubs and planted ground cover on part of the lawn. I would have done the entire front but, man…yard work is costly!

I’m hoping the ground cover will take off.  Fast. We’ve sodded our front yard at least 3 times since we’ve lived here. And we’ve done countless number of plugs and some transplants from my mom’s yard. I think we’ve even tossed out seed once or twice. The shade from the oak trees is nice to have in the summer. On the other hand, all the shade they provide makes it next to impossible for grass to grow.

Here’s hoping the ground cover takes off and we won’t be “that house” on the block any more.



2 thoughts on “No more junkyard

  1. First – gorgeous shot!!!

    Second – we live on 5 acres, 1/4 or 1/3 of it is fenced for our dogs and I mowed their yard this weekend and loved it. When I finished I was covered in grass stains and mud (because of the dogs jumping up to kiss me). My boyfriend laughed so loud.

    What we do to jump start new planting is bring in cow manure. I never thought I’d suggest this to someone, but hey, I’m a rural gal now and my neighbors have cows so we pick up a truck load (or two) of cow crap and spread it around the yard. It only smells for a day then either it goes away or we get used to it. But we get the best growth in our flowers and trees. Wow! And our grass looks like a golf course.

    • Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to mention that we did that! Well…kinda. We asked the garden center guy what we could use to help start the plants. I was thinking more along the lines of granules but he suggested cow compost. Yummmm…it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be so I’m hoping it’ll make a difference. I really believe the problem with our lawn is that it’s too sandy. Florida dirt isn’t like the dirt in the rest of the country. It’s so sandy. It’s the first time we’ve done anything like that & I’m hoping it’ll make a difference.

      I’d give anything to live on 5 acres! You’re so lucky!! Wanna trade properties??

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