And now…the rest of the story

So, for the two or three of you following this blog that don’t know me personally, you may not know that I’m in the band, Friends of Giants. I have a little link to the right of this here blog (or if that’s too much work, you can click here) that will take you to our Facebook page. I kinda like our stuff and I think you kinda would, too. 

So…we had an unquestionably fun experience yesterday. We were on USF’s radio show, Grassroots Groove! It was so much fun. I mean None of us had ever done anything like that before. The six of us crammed into the studio and did our thang! It was about 45 minutes to an hour of playing and interviewing. It was interesting to hear what other people wanted to know about the band. Here are some snapshots of the day….

My brother, Jacob, (our lead singer) tuning before we started:

This is Ryan, our bass player. He’s not normally so glum looking. Guess I got a photo of him in deep thought:

Here’s my brother again & the side of Tim’s face (our piano player):

Here’s a fuzzy picture of Micha, our drummer. {On a side note, Micha’s wife, Steffie, is a great friend of mine. My husband & I will be going to Germany with them next year! I’m so excited. I even picked up a Drive and Learn German CD pack. I can now say about 20 words in German. My goal is to carry on a 90 second conversation with someone exclusively in German. So far, it can only include some brief talk about the weather, an item of clothing, a number between 1 and 10, a breakfast item and a color since those are the only words I know. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.}

This is David, the sound guru that works at the station. He was awesome to work with:

And here’s the whole crew after the show. The guys on the far left and far right were the hosts and then the sound guy, David, on the floor:

It was a great time and I’m sure I won’t forget it any time soon!

On an unrelated note, here is my photo of the day today.


I took piano lessons as a child/teenager. I was never really good at it but also never practiced very much. I wish it had come easy to me (like any instrument my brother picks up comes easy to him). Maybe I would have enjoyed it more & gotten better. A few years ago, someone gave us this piano. It’s nice to have it in the house whenever I want to tinker around. Maybe one of my boys will want to play someday. 


7 thoughts on “And now…the rest of the story

  1. Awwwww. It looks like you guys had a blast. So happy for you guys. Wow, Germany! That is going to be so much fun. I was actually planning on going there this summer with Doug but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen now : ( I will just live through you. Ha.

  2. How exciting to be in a band! Congrats on getting to play and be interviewed on the radio. Great perspective on the piano photo. I love it! I was just thinking yesterday I wish I still had a piano to play around with every now and then. It’s been years.

  3. ha! you know already all you need for germany!
    “der himmel ist grau und es regnet, aber ich habe gluecklicherweise eine regenjacke. und jetzt will ich zwei ruehreier und einen schwarzen kaffee.”(-;

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