Pretty big shoes to fill

These are my dad’s baby shoes.


These shoes have always puzzled me. From the looks of them with the buttons and old fashioned leather, you’d think they would have come from the late 1800’s. But no, my dad’s not quite that old. He’s the youngest 65 year old I’ve ever met. He drives a Harley, does all the work on all our cars and has currently held the position of family plumber, builder/remodeler, painter, pool installer, landscaper, wall texture-er, bathroom counter maker, tile layer, coffee table maker (on more than one occasion), breakfast bar builder, chair rail installer, occasional electrician, mural painter, furniture refinisher, Christmas decoration mover, bread pudding baker, dog caregiver (when our Yorkie was poisoned from his flea collar), lawnmower fixer, set builder for numerous plays, director of plays, actor, singer…you get the idea. And those are the jobs he was never paid to do. His occupations have included the Air Force, restaurant manager, caterer, silversmith, gift shop owner, mortgage broker….again, you get the idea. So now you understand when I say that he has pretty big shoes to fill.

To me, personally, he’s been a swim teacher (after I took lessons & didn’t learn a thing), bicycle instructor, wedding planner (again, set building), driving instructor, life coach, laugh inducer, drama coach, encourager, cheer leader, teacher, tutor, dad and friend.

Love you, daddy.


5 thoughts on “Pretty big shoes to fill

  1. Even tho I have only known your dad for about 3 years now, I can tell you that he is one awesome dude and I am so thankful that you appreciate him the way you do. Not many children appreciate their parents anymore and I think that is so sad is so many ways. In fact, more ways than I have room to write but one thing you left out about your dad, he raised on heck of an awesome girl too! I Love your whole family. Be Blessed in the Lord. Brad

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