Shared birthdays

My grandmother shares the same birthday as my son, Jackson. I think I could have quit giving her presents the year he was born. I’ve never seen anyone so delighted to share their special day.

Tonight, we got together as a family to exchange gifts. She received a picture of one of her flowers that I had enlarged and framed, a Bird of Paradise plant that she said she’s always wanted and a gift certificate to Home Depot (which she loves to spend on plants and flowers). But the best gift she received on her 85th birthday was probably to hold the youngest member of our family, Ruby.


It’s not the best picture. I broke the rules & cut off her hand. And I played with the post processing for almost an hour & was never really happy with it. But I like it anyway. I have so very few photos of her and even if it’s not technically perfect, it’s emotionally perfect (a lesson I’m glad I learned before I even learned how to use my camera). Happy birthday, Jackson and Grandma! I love you both so much.

And since I’m on a roll of showing you bad photos I’ve taken, I’ll put this one on display. It’s so out of focus and he has a speaker growing out of his head. Next time we have a family get together, I’ll make sure we have it when the sun is still up. And since I’d rather have a blurry picture than one with flash, this is what I got tonight.

Normally, when pictures don’t come out the first time, I have no problem telling the subject to “do that again” but I knew I’d never get him to make this face again. A little backstory to this photo: Jackson’s a huge gamer. He would play video games 24/7 if we let him. When his DS Lite broke about a month ago, he was pretty bummed. Ethan has been kind enough to let Jackson use his but Jackson hasn’t had his own for a while. Ken & I found a new one on Craigslist a couple weeks ago and snatched it up right away. But this one is an upgrade. It’s a DSi XL. As you can see from his face, he was happy with the gift!

Happy birthday, kiddo!


8 thoughts on “Shared birthdays

  1. Happy birthday to your grandmother! That is just a precious photo. My mother in law turned 90 this weekend and she wants nothing in gifts except to see her grandchildren and great grandchild! Nothing makes grandparents happier than to hear children laughing and playing in the house again. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Have just taken a stroll around your blog and I really love your images. From your family shots with the Bokeh effects to those of the band just filling the frame and looking so natural.

    One of the most sensible things I’ve learned since restarting my photographic journey is ‘get the shot’. Just sometimes the composition has to come second.

    I’m looking forward to coming back.

  3. The photo of your grandmother is absolutely priceless. The beauty you have captured here of her holding her grandchild touches my heart. And the photo of your birthday boy is priceless, as well! Love it! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me today and leaving such a sweet and encouraging comment. I have enjoyed visiting your blog today and look forward to a return visit soon. Blessings! Candace

  4. What a very sweet photo of your grandma and the baby. Who cares about all of that technical stuff when you have captured a fantastic moment like that?

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