Yep, that’s nature

Today I took my mom, 2 boys and grandmother to the Florida Botanical Gardens. We got an “early” start because it’s been quite hot these days. I say “early” because we didn’t leave until 9:00 but that’s early for a no-school day. The mornings and evenings have been really beautiful but it’s hot in the day if you’re not in the shade. {I’ll dodge the nasty comments your northerners are giving me because you’re waiting for your last snowfall to melt. Just know this: as much as you hate the winters lasting so long, I hate the summers starting so early & ending so late. Trust me on this.}

For the last two years we’ve gone to the Botanical Gardens at Christmastime to see their lights. They have a spectacular light display during the Christmas holiday but I had never been in the daytime. If you plan on going, I’d advise you to bring lots of water and walking shoes. It’s much bigger than I thought it was.

These greeted us as we entered the gardens:


Nice touches like this were throughout the gardens:

I don’t know what this flower is but it caught my eye. At first I thought it looked like lace along the edges but upon further inspection, I say it looks like bacon. Is this a sign that I need to start to diet?

Jukavo, over at Ocean Soul was talking about finding inspiration in nature. Specifically stripes. Lookie what I found:

Here are some other things we found along the way. There aren’t any great stories to go with the pictures, so I’ll let them speak for themselves:

A rare photograph of my grandma. Too bad the chair was facing directly into the sun:

This little guy has a cute story to him. After we walked all over the paved pathways in the garden, we found an off-the-beaten-path pathway. This one was actual ground. You know the kind: dirt, leaves, weeds. (My German friend, Seffie, asked me one day if there were any places around where you could walk on the ground and not a sidewalk/road/pavement/etc. I had to tell her that there weren’t any that I knew of. That’s when you know you live in the city!) As we were walking on this path, we came across this little guy. He was just sunning right there in the grass. We all gave our ooohs and aaaahs and my grandmother reached down and touched him. Just as she did, he quickly whipped his head around to her hand. Nothing was bitten but we all jumped back. Just then, Jackson says, “Man! This is just like nature!”

I need to get this guy into some nature and soon. 


2 thoughts on “Yep, that’s nature

  1. Great photos! Love the botanical gardens…you have to visit Sunken gardens next. I think there may be actual dirt paths out on Caladessi or Honeymoon Island…you have to take a little boat ride to get over there but its worth it

    • It’s been a while since I’ve visited Sunken Gardens but it’s getting pretty hot out there these days. But I’d like to check out Caladessi and Honeymoon Island. Now I need to find someone with a boat.

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