And so it begins (again)

I’m not the kind of mom that doesn’t allow their kids to have ANY candy at all. But I’m not the one that gives candy to their kids all the time, either. Because of this, we’re usually eating the “wrong” candy on any given holiday. For instance, this chocolate Easter candy (along with the jelly beans and duck shaped Smarties) will last us until Halloween. In fact, I think we may have some candy corn in our candy jar. So the cycle begins again. Another holiday, another specific color wrapped candy. It’s a good thing my kids can use a calendar. Otherwise, they’d be all screwed up. Whose kids are still eating candy canes in April? Mine. And they’ll be eating pastel chocolates for Halloween. Good way to really freak out the trick-or-treaters.


We colored eggs today since yesterday was jam-packed. After the coloring was done, we had our own little egg hunt in the house. The boys LOVE this. It’s become a tradition in our family. We’ve collected quite a stash of eggs and this year we even found some new hiding places for them. Luckily for us, we don’t hide any of the hard-boiled eggs. That way, we’re not in danger of a mysterious foul odor in about 4 days. Like that one time in Stars Hollow when Kirk was in charge of hiding the Easter eggs. There’s a bonus if you can tell me what TV show I referenced. {Disclaimer: There’s not really a bonus so don’t sue me if I don’t have a name generated by a random generator in the next day or two.}


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