Oh boy. There are many unused tools in my house. Bet you didn’t know I was going to be a painter, did you? Apparently, I was going to pull that talent out from where the sun doesn’t shine, too. I tried. I really did. But when I couldn’t paint a spiral correctly, I figured that was the end for me. Heck, I can’t even doodle so why did I think I could paint? So here sit my unused paint brushes. I think they’re lonely on their shelf. I even put them in a nice pretty vase. But they figured it out. They know that there’s no chance they’ll be used any time soon. Actually, I did use one to touch up a spot on my family room wall but when I put her back in the vase, I think she shed a tear. That’s right; they’re girls. They don’t have names but they are most definitely (can I EVER type that word correctly on the FIRST try??) chicks. She wasn’t being used to her full potential and she knew it. I’ve been found out.


{The inspiration for this photo came from here.}

On another note, have any of you ever had your blog printed professionally? I was thinking of putting my blog in book form at the end of the year. I include lots of memories of my boys & figured I’d give their wives something to fight over some day. I’m usually a procrastinator so I figured I’d get an early start. At least I could shop around. I’m thinking I read somewhere that someone has done this. Real specific, I know. So…any suggestions?


11 thoughts on “Unused

  1. I think that Blurb has an easy import feature for blogs and they do really great work…it’s user friendly too!

    Love your shot-the angle is great!

  2. That is such a great shot! I too have so many unused tools; I keep them around because I have this fantasy one day I’ll sew, paint, draw, you name it.

    I’ve been wanting to do a yearly printing of my blog too but haven’t gotten around to it. One day…. Good luck with it!

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