The girl who cried “beach”

So, I’m beginning to feel like the girl who cried “beach”. In case you don’t know the story, it goes something like this:

Once upon a time there was a girl who spent hours and hours at the beach. Her teenage years were spent on the sand and at the shore. She laughed her summers away with fun and games and it didn’t even bother her (much) that she was made fun of because she couldn’t throw a frisbee. But one day, something changed. She changed her mind about the beach all together. Her eyes were opened and now she knows how sticky it is in the Florida summer and how she’ll find sand in her car for weeks after visiting. She came to the realization that the water isn’t refreshing. The temperature in the summer averages in the mid 80’s – sounds like bath water. All of these things made her hate the beach. She went on with her life and continued to live in Florida. Minutes from the beach, even. But she continued this hate/hate relationship with the shore and does not hold back expressing her hatred to anyone that will listen. Then one year she attends a birthday party. At the beach. And then later that week, she returns to the beach. And then she made plans to return when friends come to visit in May. This girl even plans a Sunday Outing with her family at the beach. She started to wonder if no one would believe her when she says she hated the beach. Just like the boy who cried “wolf”, she became the girl that cries “beach”. The end.

OK, so that was a pretty terrible ending. I had the whole story in my head and much like a Saturday Night Live skit, I couldn’t come up with a good ending. So it just ended right there.

Today was our Sunday outing. After dinner on Friday night, we went to walk on the beach. By the time we got there, it was dark and rather windy but I thought that the boys might like to go to the beach for our Sunday Outing this week. As usual, around 4:00 we headed out for our Outing. This time included quick stop for gelato at Paciugo. If you’re ever in the St. Pete area, I recommend you try this place. So very yummy. I left the camera in the car, thinking, “What kind of pictures would I want of the 4 of us eating gelato?” So.very.wrong. Jackson was wearing almost as much gelato as he ate. Oh well, live and learn. 

Once our tummies were full, off to the beach we headed. We found our spot with a “view”:

I don’t love the St. Pete Pier. It used to look like this:


Beautiful, wasn’t it? But now, it’s this inverted pyramid type structure. But a new pier will be built in 2013. I’m hoping it will be something a little more fitting to the area.

Soon after we popped a squat, a friendly game of volleyball got under way:

Elena over at Selfie Magic has been talking about getting a picture of yourself jumping. I didn’t bring my tripod and I don’t have a remote (yet) so Ken & I took turns taking pictures of each other jumping. First it was Jackson’s turn:

He was having so much fun that Ethan wanted to join:

Next up, Ken:


I couldn’t resist getting in front of the camera, too (What is becoming of me these days? First the beach & NOW I’m willing to be in FRONT of the camera??). It took him a few to get all of my hands in the shot:

But he got the hang of it:

I still didn’t like my poses, so I tried something different:

That’s better! Need to work on that face I make but other than that, I think they came out great. At least I’m in front of the camera and it was fun. Thanks, honey, for patiently waiting on me while I figured out my poses.

It was all fun and games until Ethan hid Jackson’s flip-flop in the sand and neither he nor Jackson could find it. Now I know why pirates use a great big X to mark the spot. The four of us went on our own treasure hunt and found the shoe. That was the end of that game. 

The boys reconstructed an abandoned sand sculpture: 

Ethan was buried alive:

Note: had I known that they would be rolling around in the sand, I would have put them in swimming trunks. Again, live and learn. They made sand angels:

We had a great time. The boys loved it and I didn’t hate the beach. This time (but will continue to hate it once summer rolls around). In fact, I even said I didn’t want to leave. But that was only because I had laundry to fold and put away, dishes to wash, clutter to pick up, etc, etc, etc. 


6 thoughts on “The girl who cried “beach”

  1. LOL you make me laugh. I miss the beach so much! I moved from NC to KY in 1997 and I miss the beach more than I can put into words. But when I do get there (and that is very, very seldom!) it only takes about 5 minutes for me to realize I hate sand. I think the beach would be amazing if it was concrete. 🙂

    Love your photos! Looks like a fun family day!

  2. Hahahaha!!! This had me laughing out loud til my daughter told me to stop. lol. I love that last bit about not wanting to go back home because of laundry etc. I so love the beach! Obviously, we don’t live near any beaches here. ;p But I hear ya about sand in the car.. that would drive me bonkers. You look Great in those jump shots! I just love all your shots…

  3. Your jump shots are fabulous! Love that last one of you…way to go! You went to the beach…in front of a camera…wow, it was a red letter day for you! Do you know what I would give to live so close to the ocean?!!!! I’m so glad you are coming back to the ocean and loving it!

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