When I grow up

I had a better picture for today. It had a better composition and was more in focus but this one better summed up what I did this morning. My friend, Steffie, is one awesome chick. I want to be her when I grow up (after I grow up to be like Anna). She had a riding lesson today and asked if I wanted to tag along. Spend some time with her AND horses?? Heck, yeah! It was so much fun watching her. She’s a really great rider and knows her way around horses. I think we both had the childhood dream of riding and owning horses. She actually achieved that dream and owned a horse when she lived in Germany. One day I’ll be cool like her. One day.


Doesn’t she look so happy here?

She’s quite the pro. It rained during her entire lesson and she was unfazed.

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is jam-packed with shopping, cleaning and visiting out-of-town guests! I should probably help both boys with school projects that are due on Monday. I don’t want to spend ALL of Mother’s Day working on school projects. 


2 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. hahaha, my gosh, i blushed while reading this! but you totally know, that this will make me even more arrogant than i’m already are, right?!? (-: love ya, chicka! thanks for coming with me((-:

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