Mother and a friend

Impromptu photo shoots are so much easier with one child, aren’t they? Today (thank you, WordPress for the ability to altar the publish date), right before the sun went down, I asked the boys to run outside with me so I could grab a couple of picture of them for Mother’s Day. They actually went with no complaints (surprising) but both were quite goofy. As the sun was dipping behind the trees and fence, I rushed to get a few photos.

THIS is why I became a mother. These are the two joys of my life that I get to rear and teach and laugh with and love.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. I’d like to take a moment to tell you why I love my mom.


is my best friend (besides my husband)

is great at cheering me up when I’m down

is my guest for 10:00 coffee just about every day

is my fashion helper (and midnight fashion shows when I lived at home)

has an eye for decorating & landscaping

stayed up with me and had late night talks when I was a teenager

is great at giving advice

is full of laughter

loves my dad more than life itself

gave up so more than I can imagine to give me a good education

prays for me and my family

is always willing to babysit

is beautiful

is great at recommending books

is excellent at helping me clean my house (this woman can find hiding places for just about anything when it comes to organizing)

is a worshipper

was strict when I was younger

is a great grandmother to my boys

really does care about others

is a good sport when we’re picking on her (you have to be if you’re in this family)

is good at picking on us, too!

And when I say, “Oh my gosh, I’m turning into my mother,” it’s meant as a compliment.

I have loved having her by my side for the last 36 years and couldn’t imagine my life without her. And as long as she doesn’t turn into her mother, she can come live with me when she’s old. Just kidding. Kind of.

Love you, mom!


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