All boys make noise

So, the husband decided to put his guitar to good use. One year after buying the guitar, he decides to take lessons. This guitar has been sitting in our bedroom collecting dust. A few weeks ago that changed. A few weeks ago he took his first lesson and things have never been the same around here. He doesn’t practice like you or I practiced when we were children. No, he doesn’t set aside 30 minutes of each day and practice. He practices any time he has a few minutes. Which means lots of noise music in our house at all any given time during the day. Lucky me. 




3 thoughts on “All boys make noise

    • I should probably clarify. It’s not that he’s playing terribly just that I have heard G, D, E and F chords nonstop for two weeks. 😉 I’m sure he’ll do great – he’s a smart and talented guy. But I’m anxiously waiting to hear a new chord. He is really enjoying it so far.

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