My budding artist

Tonight was Ethan’s spring concert for school. In the past, that has meant suffering through band songs and some interesting singing. I’m not sure if they’ve gotten better or if I’m listening through rose-colored ears (that didn’t translate as well as I thought it would). He has played the trombone for two years now and I’m beginning to see how talented he is (I can’t imagine how good he’d be if he practiced on a regular basis). We had great seats tonight and could hear him really clearly and he did so very well. I was never in the band when I was younger and I’m amazed at how good these kids are.

Another aspect of the concerts is the art. They didn’t offer art as a regular class when I was in elementary school. It wasn’t until high school that art was offered as a separate class. I really wish that had been different. I always wanted to be good at art type things but felt that I needed to be good before taking the class. If I had been able to take art from 1st grade, imagine what I’d be doing today! My paintbrushes wouldn’t be sitting on a shelf now. Here is what Ethan created for this concert.



He says he’s better at drawing and I would probably agree, but I love that he’s being exposed to all types of medium. I so enjoy watching my kids grow up and discover what talents they have hidden inside. 


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