Savings, death and a slump

There’s a discount grocery store in our area, Save A Lot, and it’s usually full of great deals. While there recently, I decided to pick up a cheap bunch of flowers: savings. I guess you get what you pay for. One bloom came completely off the stem and I had quite a few that looked a little like they were on their way to the great field in the sky: death. However, it did have quite a few of these mini carnations that looks like they’ll live for a few more days.


On another note, I know a lot of you are participating in a 365 challenge and I have a question for you. How often have you found yourself in a slump? And how long did it last? I’m so not thrilled with my photos lately. And since I’m not thrilled, I’m having a hard time motivating myself to keep at it. It’s easy for me if we’re out & about (on a Sunday outing, for example) but everyday stuff isn’t interesting to me. Like these flowers. With that said, I’m NOT giving up or taking any time off. I’m afraid if I took a day or a week off, that will turn into 2 weeks or a month. So…thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Savings, death and a slump

  1. i can feel the pain!!! it’s exactly the same with me for the last 3 weeks or so. i have no ideas for pictures and IF, then i’m not even motivated enough to drive somewhere. so i end up with elmar or the kitties. but also: sometimes the pics i once hated, are kinda okay when i look at them later. i guess it doesn’t help to look through frustrated eyes…know what i mean? i think all your pictures are great and that’s a beautiful flower-pic!!

  2. well obviously you can se I have been in a slump : ) It seems as though I only get on once a week to post pics and as I’m sure you’ve noticed some pics are were taken on the same day. So, it’s no longer a “photo a day” challenge for me but rather a “365 photo’s in 2011”. I know I broke the rules, but someday’s just get away from me or I forget.
    One tip I have for the real 365 photo participant’s (those who actually take a photo a day and not 3-4 in one day to catch up like me) is to maybe not care so much. I watched one of my favorite bloggers do a photo a day and sometimes they were just a pic of the toys lying on the floor, a bowl of cereal, an unmade bed, or some other stupid pic. Sometimes the pics weren’t creative at all, but it was a photo of the day. With life so busy for everyone we all have off days and that’s ok, just snap a picture of your shoe : )
    Personally, I think everyone’s photo’s are awesome everyday. I’m the one with the boring and uncreative pics and I’m a fraud anyways, not really taking a pic everyday. Oh well, I’m still having fun. There’s my take on it.

  3. Hey Amber, I’ve had a couple of slumps. You just have to power through…take a photo that makes YOU happy. I’m always thinking “oh nobody is gonna like that”, and you’d be surprised….I know of two times I posted a photo I just really didn’t like, but I didn’t have anything else…and those got the most comments and compliments. Visit other blogs and get ideas from there…I’ve done that too. Don’t give up! I love your photos!

  4. No great advice from me – I failed at P365 when I tried it last year. This year I’ve been doing P52 and it’s been going so much better. I think the advice to just power through is good. You’re photos have all been lovely.

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