Disney gave me back my mojo

I might have gotten my mojo back. I’m not jumping to conclusions just yet since it could have been that I just had some good photo ops this weekend. Maybe I did need a day to skip. I’m just hoping that I don’t make a habit of it. Thank you all for your encouragement and advice. And Lorena, it’s perfectly fine if you “break the rules” since there really aren’t any rules. 

Friday night, my friend Steffie scored discount tickets to a play at the local community theater. We know the lady in the starring role (actually, she really knows her and I’ve met her a few times) so it was neat to see her on stage again (we saw her in another smaller role a few months ago).


The St. Petersburg Little Theater is the oldest continuously operating community theater in the state of Florida. They are celebrating their 86th season this year. It’s nice to know that not everything is replaced by bigger versions, isn’t it?

On Saturday we had the opportunity to visit Epcot. We went with some friends from church (just Ken & I – no kids). Jason & Karen…you rock! Neither Ken nor I had been there since we were kids. The month of May is the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. All sorts of flowers (as well as fruits and vegetables) are scattered around the park and a lot of the Disney characters have their own topiary. I’ll share the day with you in photos. Sit down and get comfy because there are a lot.

See those little red buttons on our shirts? They say “Happy Anniversary” (since we were supposed to make this trip on our anniversary weekend). Everywhere we went, Disney employees were wishing us a happy anniversary. Even some visitors to the park expressed their wishes for a happy anniversary. Nice touch, Disney!

Inside the butterfly garden…

Even the lawn decorations get in the Disney spirit:

We ate lunch in Germany. The restaurant had great entertainment. They wished us a happy anniversary and sang a song for us (thanks, Jason!). The music was good, the food was tasty and the desserts were out of this world! Can’t wait to visit the real Germany next year!

We thought we had missed the rain while we were inside eating, but this was not the case. I don’t mind getting wet, though. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Disney (or any theme park in Orlando) when it didn’t rain. Our friends had to leave us after lunch to meet some family at one of the Disney resorts so we had the rest of the day to ourselves. We walked around Epcot some more and then headed over to Hollywood Studios, home of the Tower of Terror (a free fall ride). We’ve been on this many times but it never gets old. There’s a video here; if you dare.

We rode Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for the first time yesterday. Super fun/in the dark/loud music/roller coaster! If you visit Hollywood Studios and don’t ride, I will be so disappointed in you. We tried to catch the Star Wars ride but it was closed. The other thing we really wanted to do, Toy Story Mania, had a 90 minute wait and it was getting to be toward the end of the day so we decided to skip it & catch it next time when we go with the boys. 

After grabbing some much-needed coffee, we headed back to Epcot. Here are some more flowers, fruits and veggies. These cabbage things were amazing. Just check out the stem/branch that supports them!

Remember my love for pineapple? I just couldn’t resist taking a few shots of the ones there. I’m not sure if these are special pineapples or what, but I always pictured them growing on trees, not right on the ground. Any experts care to clue me in? Or does everybody know how pineapples grow?

And this is, quite possibly, my favorite flower of the day, a Denver Daisy:

Giant tea cups in London – this one had a lemon tree in it!

I shall not bore you with any more photos but you can head over to my Epcot set on flickr and check them out if you’d like. It was a great day and a much-needed break.

I will leave you with my photo of the day. This is straight out of the camera.


Thanks for going with us, Jason & Karen! We had so much fun and are so thankful for this getaway!


11 thoughts on “Disney gave me back my mojo

  1. Beautiful. I should have downloaded some of your shots before I ordered my vacation album. Wasn’t it fun? We loved that the topiary of Lotso Huggin’ Bear smelled like strawberries due to the strawberries planted beneath. Sigh. I loved my vacation. Nice that you got to enjoy the beautiful flower show too.

  2. Was it your anniversary? Happy Anniversary! : ) Wow, I love these shots. I am itching so badly to go to Florida’s Disney!! So I especially love these inside photos of Epcot. My daughter would love those hedges of McQueen and Mater! Looks like a fun time was had..

    • Yep, it was our anniversary on May 5th. We were going to go that weekend but our schedules didn’t work. And yes, a really fun time was had. It was nice to get away (even if it’s only 90 minutes “away”).

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