Girly time

I have a house full of boys. And I love it. But it’s also nice to have some nieces in the family. That way I can get my girl fix: I can be all frilly, silly, play with hair and just have some girl fun. This Sunday we decided not to have our usual Sunday Outing since Ken was feeling a bit under the weather. While he rested, I played with Molly & Ruby (the best nieces anyone could ask for) while my brother and his wife went to the movies. Right before Ruby went to bed, I snuck her outside for a short photo shoot. She’s a great model, don’t you think? 



2 thoughts on “Girly time

  1. What a sweet sweet face. Ah yes, girly frilly fun.. I know all about that. But my girl surprises me as she gets older and loves to play with cars (um yes, the pink, purple and sparkly kinds) and pirates (with foamy swords). Whodathunk?

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