Abercrombie Park

Hello there. Wow, I sure didn’t mean to take any time off but it looks like I’ve been away for a few days. I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on in my life…

On Thursday I went scouting for a Sunday Outing location. I found Abercrombie Park. I had been here before but learned more about the park this week. Right on a busy street (that would be Park Street, for you locals) is a parking lot for a little park that leads right to the water. The paved pathway to the water is about a quarter-mile but there are also pathways in the grass and a small boardwalk. It’s not a large beach access so I don’t recommend going to swim but the view is nice. You can see the Bay Pines area and the War Veterans Memorial Park. But our dog, Rex, would enjoy swimming in the water – it’s a dog friendly area! Apparently, near this location, the 400 man expedition landed on April 15, 1528 to begin the first exploration of North America. 

Now, I’ve lived here since I was five and never knew this about the area. I never knew the first exploration of North America started here. I’ve always heard St. Augustine and/or Ft. Desoto was the first areas to be explored. Who knew?

Once in the park, you’d never know that cars were buzzing by on the busy street. Reminds me of Central Park in that aspect. The park is named for one of the first practicing physicians in the area. He was a very giving man and when he died, his family, in keeping with his giving ways, wanted to give the land to the city. The city turned them down, not wanting to assume his debts so the land went to relatives in England. Later on, a local developer contacted the family and convinced them to donate the land that is now Abercrombie Park to the city with the stipulation that the land always be used as a park, be kept in a natural state and not allow automobiles to enter. 

And this is why it’s so quiet in the park. If you’re a local, I recommend you visit. It won’t take up your entire day but it’s a nice way to spend a lunch or snack time.


I guess there are still things to “discover” in my own backyard. What will I find next? I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures and stories from the weekend. Hope you had a great one!


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