Sarasota road trip

Saturday I drove down to Sarasota for a Friends of Giants show. Since there are six of us in the band, we usually all ride with each other. It just so happened that I had to drive myself this time. But that was fine. After the show I stopped at Centennial Park. It’s just a small park for boat launching (is that the correct term?) but it was so nice and clean. I think Sarasota is much cleaner than St. Petersburg. 

On the way home, I pulled off to take some pictures of the Skyway bridge. I’ve always loved this bridge. It’s actually the second Skyway bridge. In 1980, the southbound span was destroyed when a freighter struck a support column during a storm. Ten cars and a Greyhound bus fell 150 feet into the water, killing 40 people. They have since built a new and better bridge. If I remember correctly, the old bridge was a drawbridge. This one is huge, no drawbridge needed. You can Google Skyway Bridge for better pictures than mine.



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