Kitty cat birthday

I had to keep this under wraps yesterday in case my friend, Steffie, read my blog. It’s her birthday today and I made these amaretto cupcakes especially for her. I found these cupcake decorations way back in January and I have waited all this time to use them. Here’s something you should know about me: buying in advance is something I never do. Sometimes I buy the gift a day or two in advance but I’m usually buying the card and gift bag on the WAY to parties. So purchasing something 5 months in advance is a huge step for me.

Since Steffie loves cats, this is perfect for her. It’s a good thing she’s married and has a child or else she’d be in danger of becoming that lady/old maid. That’s how much she loves her cats. 

Happy birthday, Steffie! I’m so blessed to know you & call you friend/freund. You make coffee and breakfast so much more enjoyable each and every week. Your sense of humor is unbelievably amazing and I’m only happier for knowing you. Enjoy your birthday and don’t count calories today.



3 thoughts on “Kitty cat birthday

  1. YOU MAKE ME CRY!!! this is so nice, sweet friend! thank you so much for everything! and those cupcakes were AMAZING!! and so are you! oh, but concerning the “cat lady”…i can’t become one anymore, just because i’m married? dang, if i had known…

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