Chickens in the Burbs

OK, so apparently this blog went from a food blog to a bird blog.

I’ve been quite busy these days. Among other things, I’ve been helping friends move and catching up with old friends. As a result, I haven’t been very diligent at taking pictures making sure the pictures I do take are good ones. Like this one:


I spent some time with an old friend today. A friend that has recently bought 6 chickens. Yep, chickens right here in the suburbs. They’re only a few weeks old and are so cute. As you can see, they’re not good at sitting still for pictures. So here’s the deal: It was raining all day and she said they don’t like the rain. Since the coop isn’t finished she brought the chicks in her house & put them in her tub. I don’t know much about raising farm animals but I wouldn’t think rain would be a problem for them. But at least this way, I got to see them up close without having to chase them all over her back yard. This one even jumped right up onto my lap. And that’s why her name is Sweetie.


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