Tai Chi and a near death experience

Friends of Giants was invited to play Rock the Park at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa. Rock the Park is a free monthly music event held on the first Thursday of each month. We were so very excited to be invited. We heard that last month, attendance was over 1,000 and more were expected this month. So, we practiced hard and were ready to play. What we weren’t ready for was all the sound issues at the venue. Constant feedback, guitar and microphones cutting out on every song. In fact, we tried one song three times due to sound issues and a light rig falling 6 inches in front of my face right onto my bells. Yes, you read that right. I’ve never seen it happen (and the sound man said the same thing) but a 8-10 foot light rig fell right in front of me. I never saw it coming. Thankfully, I’m ok and my life didn’t flash before my eyes. And hey, shows can only get better from here, right? Right? {Oh, please let that be right.} 

Fortunately (or, unfortunately), I didn’t catch a picture of that. But I did snap a picture of some guys doing some Tai Chi (could be Yoga – I don’t know the difference) before the concert. I need to get better at sneaking pictures of people so it’s not all crooked.




3 thoughts on “Tai Chi and a near death experience

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