Sylvan Abbey

Our Sunday Outing this week took us to Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park in Clearwater. My dad worked there as a director of a sales team while I was younger. This is such a beautiful place. I know you might think it’s creepy that we chose this location as our Sunday Outing but wait till you see the pictures. 

Established in 1853, it is the oldest cemetery in Pinellas county.

There are huge trees like this all over the park.

Jackson wasn’t feeling well but he was quite a trooper. He said his throat was sore and nothing else. More on that later.

Our first stop was a mausoleum. On either side is a huge stained glass wall. 

On one side is a window depicting Revelation and the other one depicts Creation. Here are some close ups of the Creation window. They paint the glass while it’s still in a molten state and that’s how you can get all the details. These were the last commissioned works by Conrad Pickle before he passed away. And if I understand correctly, his son finished the work after he died


This is a statue of Mark in The Garden of the Apostles. 

This headstone reminded me of Schindler’s List. Makes me wonder about the story behind how these rocks got there and what kind of amazing people are buried here.

Here is the oldest marked grave in Pinellas county.

We saw some flowers that needed some attention, so we found a watering can and seized the opportunity.

See? I told you it’s a beautiful place. If you have some time to spare, I think you should visit. There are many more things to see but we were hungry. The plan was to continue our Sunday Outing to Safety Harbor for dinner and ice cream but Jackson had other plans. Remember when I told you that he only had a sore throat? Well, he got sick right as we were walking into the restaurant. We thought it best to cut it short and head home. No one wants to see THAT while having dinner. He was feeling much better by the time we got home. I’m sure it’s nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t fix. We’ll just have to go back to Safety Harbor for ice cream another time!

What did you do this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Sylvan Abbey

  1. I actually love visiting cemeteries… in the daytime! The best one I’ve visited so far is the Pere Lachaise cemetrery in Paris. I spent almost half a day there and would have stayed longer had my friend not been impatiently tapping her feet… LOL!

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