The silversmith’s work

I almost didn’t post this picture because I just don’t like it. I’ve been pouting and complaining ever since my lens broke a few weeks ago. I need to get better at being more intentional about my photo of the day. I can’t wait till it’s dark outside & expect to get a good image. When your camera’s maximum ISO is 1600 and the maximum aperture is 5.6, you have to get real creative about lighting. And after a full day, the last thing I want to do is figure out what I want to photograph AND figure out how to get the lighting right. That’s why this picture is a little wonky. I could tell you all the things wrong with it OR I could tell you what it is. I’ll go with the latter.

This is a pendant that my dad made back in the day. He used to be a silversmith when I was little. I still have my childhood ring that he made for me & I just acquired this little gem this week. He’d take coins from different countries and cut out the image. This one is from Germany. A teeny, tiny, little saw was used to cut out this image. He was generous enough to give me this one and Ethan went home with a different one. Ethan was over the moon and has worn it almost every day since his Papa gave it to him. I’ll have to photograph that one soon. So it might not be the best picture but I sure do love the subject!



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