It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Took a little stroll around the neighborhood this evening. After dinner, we took to the sidewalk. Actually, we took to the street because the sidewalk isn’t big enough for us all to walk together. There are things I love and hate about my neighborhood. Tonight, I’ll share what I love.

I’ve lived here since I was in 2nd grade. When I got married, I moved all the way across the street.

It wasn’t always this “prestigious” neighborhood.  My parents thought about moving on more than one occasion. We’re right on the edge of the other side of the tracks. Drugs, prostitution, overall not the kind of environment in which you want to raise a family. When we moved here, it was mostly older households. In time, they started leaving, either dying or going to nursing homes. That meant a new up-and-coming neighborhood was possible. Younger families moved in, started to fix up the homes and formed a neighborhood association. Neighbors protested some of the dilapidated motels which were being used for anything but tourism. Unfortunately, the motels are still here but the squeaky wheel got the oil. That oil came in the form of more police driving in and around the neighborhood and a neighborhood watch program. Since the decline of the economy a few years ago, we’ve seen a downslope once again. But once you know that it’s possible, you can’t help but have hope that the place will return to its heyday.

Anyway, I still like our little corner of the world. This is where you can find light poles that display notices for yard sales, lost or missing pets and any other notification you can dream.

This is where the palm trees grow tall. Not necessarily beautiful, but surely tall.


This is where the moss is walked under or walked by.

This is where the sidewalks are disjointed because of the big oak trees.

You know my favorite part of this neighborhood? My neighbors. My parents live right across the street and we love it. Every time I walk outside, I see my childhood home. There’s something comforting in that. What do you love about your neighborhood?





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