My husband is so nice. So nice to tolerate my photo taking adventures. I saw a photo online the other day that I wanted to recreate. I normally shy away from this because I’m terrified that doing so will sap any creativity out of me. But this one picture was so cute and I thought today would be the perfect day to recreate it.

But I couldn’t remember the exact composition. Or where I saw it. You know how it goes – you start on one web site and click, click, click you have no idea how you got where you are. I’ve now taken precautions so that never happens again: I joined Pinterest. I was pretty sure I was the last one in web-land that had joined (or visited) but Ken said he hadn’t even heard of it. So, just in case you’re now the last one, I’ll fill you in quickly. Pinterest is a place to keep track of the things you find online; a virtual corkboard. You find an image online & just “pin” it to your board. It keeps your photo and the location where you found it. Perfect. Now I’ll never have that “now where did I see that photo” thought again.

So, I didn’t get to recreate that photo. That’s probably a good thing. In the end, that photo didn’t sap my creativity after all. And I’m happy with the final result. I love this man. Love having him next to me all the time. Love that he’ll do just about anything I ask. Love that he puts up with me and my silliness. Love that we’re…together.


Update: I’m linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday this week.


6 thoughts on “Together

  1. I gosh, I also love Pinterest! But I definitely have to limit my time on there because I can sit there all day long just looking at everyone’s board. The only thing I can’t figure out is if you’re allowed to Pin another photographer’s picture…what about copyright laws? LOVE your photo!

    • Thanks. I’m not sure about the copyright laws. I did a small amount of research and it looks like it’s a sticky situation. However, most of the images in Pinterest can be found by doing basic google searches. I would think (and this is not on any authority) that as long as you’re not gaining anything from using the images & credit the source (it’d probably be nice to ask first, if it’s a blog), it should be fine. I’m more than fine with people pinning my images.

  2. I think using inspiration is a wonderful idea – – and flattering to the originator (whomever that might have been). You’ll not sap your own creativity because your recreation is an interpretation that is unique to your eye, your skill, your model.

    This is a great shot. It speaks volumes of your personality without even seeing expressions of the face.

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