Long, party of three

So, we sent Ethan off to camp today. Sleepaway camp. For six days. Boy, that was…interesting. It’s his first time being away from us. We’ve gone away a few times but he’s always stayed with family. This is the first time he’s gone and we’ve stayed. For weeks he’s been excited. He’s talked about it and imagined how it is going to be. Until today. Today, right as church was over, he turned to me and started crying, saying he didn’t want to go. He was afraid that he’d be all alone with thousands of kids he didn’t know. I reassured him that he’d be fine and I thought that was the end of the conversation. Not quite. Not even close, actually. There were lots of tears and even a request to stay behind. In the end he went and I’m sure he’ll have a good time. I texted one of the older teens as well as a chaperone and have it on good authority that he’s doing just fine and actually having a good time. He’ll be home late Friday night & I fully expect him to have so much fun & not even want to come home.

So it’s just the three of us this week. It’ll be quite different for Jackson. He’s used to having Ethan around all the time. They’re brothers and best friends. It’ll be interesting to see how he does this week without his buddy around.

We headed to the beach this evening. It’s not the best beach around and it proved that fact today. It was quite mucky and stinky so we didn’t stay long. We played ‘Round and ‘Round the Garden”. Here’s Jackson “treating” me to a round.

And my photo of the day. I swear I have no idea where this boy gets his lashes from – it’s not me! Why is it always the boys that have the beautiful lashes?


Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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