Game night

So, today Jackson told me that he missed Ethan so much when he went to bed last night that he almost cried. I almost cried when he said that. He seems to be holding up today. This morning we went to see Shrek Ever After. Two of the local movie theaters offer free or $1 movies during the summer. And tonight, the three of us played Uno. Jackson & I won most of the rounds but we let Ken win one (Jackson’s idea).


In other news, my new lens should be here tomorrow! I’m so excited to see that UPS truck stop at my house. I’m hoping that this one won’t break quite as easily as my other one did. 


3 thoughts on “Game night

  1. Did you stick with the same lens that broke before? I totally understand waiting for the UPS truck, that’s pretty much all I did last Tuesday! haha

  2. No, I upgraded a bit. The one that broke was a nifty fifty (50mm 1.8f) and the one I bought was the 50mm 1.4f. And I were you, I would have kissed the UPS guy! He really had a good delivery for you.

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