He made it! Ethan made it through camp and is safe at home. They returned Saturday at 2:00 in the morning. We talked for a short time on our way home and it sounded like he really had a good time. After a rough start last week, I was afraid that he wouldn’t want to go next year. I asked him about it and he said he did, indeed, want to return next year. 

I was also worried that he’d return all grown up with no more “kid” in him. Now that he’s in the youth group, would he consider himself too old for Legos? Well, I can put my worries to rest. This is proof that things didn’t change all that much:

There are still Lego pieces all around and he’s still playing with Jackson so things are just about normal around these parts. 

In other happenings, Jacob and Crystal came over with the girls tonight. It’s so much fun having little ones in the house. You may not believe me but I really do love two year olds. Yes, they come with their own set of challenges but they’re so stinking cute! Everything Molly says is so enunciated, so deliberate and so cute. And Ruby…we’ll she’s just as cute at almost 7 months. Ken caught some pretty cute pictures here). 

Speaking of kids, my brother is such a kid at heart. As I was putting the boys to bed, he rushed in & said he wanted to “lullaby them to sleep” (his words). He pulled out the Paper Jamz guitar and started to rock out. I love that kid man.

The boys loved it but they sure as heck didn’t fall asleep to the music. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday on Monday!


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