The lost weekend

Wow, where has the last week gone? I feel like it’s just whizzed by without me. Last Thursday we made a quick trip to Georgia for Ken’s brother’s wedding. And I mean quick. We left on Thursday & stayed in Gainesville Thursday night. On Friday morning we did some last minute shopping for belts that were forgotten and shoes that were outgrown then made our way up to Georgia for the wedding that night. It was a quick wedding and when it was over, we grabbed a bite to eat and returned to Gainesville. Saturday morning we were on our way back to Florida. I had practice with my brother and then we performed an acoustic show Saturday night. I’m tired just thinking about my weekend!

Needless to say, I didn’t take many pictures. Actually, I took a goose egg worth of pictures on Thursday and Friday. Nope, not even at the wedding. It was pretty short and we were all in the ceremony so I couldn’t really stand up there with my camera, now could I? 

I do have this to show for Saturday. The show we played was a benefit show for a missions trip. During one of the breaks between bands, they played Minute to Win It. Ken was chosen for one of the games. He failed miserably but received a gift card anyway! Can’t complain about that. Here he is trying to blow all the cards off the bottle except the bottom one.


Although we were here Sunday, it’s pretty much a blur as well. As you might remember, Ethan is now in youth group at church. Since they meet on Sunday nights, we had a chance to hang out with Jackson. There’s a park a few block from our church. We figured this would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. Jackson was thrilled a particular contraption was found inside the gates of the playground. You sit on this slanted seat and spin around. It takes about .03 seconds to be so dizzy you can’t see straight. I can see why he loves it so much – it’s awesome! 

And the result of spinning? Pure joy.


And one more picture for today. It has been raining like the days of Noah’s Ark around here. And every time this happens, our yard is home to dozens of these:


I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple of links and questions. So put your thinking caps on. OK, that was lame. I know we’re not in preschool. But I’m still catching up from this weekend and I’m not on my game. See you guys tomorrow. 


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