Photoshoot homework

We went to Philippe Park in Safety Harbor yesterday. My friend Anna and I will be heading there on Saturday to take some engagement pictures of my friends so Ken and I decided to scout out the place so I could get some ideas. We’ll see how it goes on Saturday but I like what I came home with…

I’m not sure what Jackson was trying to tell me in this next picture. Maybe it was, “Wait, Ethan is getting ready to pick his butt.” Or “Wait, I’m going to scratch my nose in a second.” Either way, most of the pictures in this pose were ruined by one or more of those reasons.


After snapping pictures and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes we headed to Cold Stone Creamery. Who doesn’t love ice cream on a summer evening?


and after…

Gee, homework for photo shoots are quite fun. I can see now why people enjoy being photographers!


4 thoughts on “Photoshoot homework

  1. Great shots!!! And how fun that you will be photographing the wedding next April!!! I’d be freaking out too, but it’s all good! You’ll do a fabulous job, your pictures are good, you are doing your ‘homework’ and by the time April rolls around…you will have a blast! Just scour the internet for tips, and find out what style of pics your friends like, do they like artsy fartsy type pics? abstracts? funny? serious? themed? or do they just want to follow your lead? are they more posed or candid types? Oh how much fun you will have. It will be a busy day…are you going to wear the fab new heels you got for the recent wedding? We love $13.99 for pricey gorgeous shoes! And great reward at the end of the photo shoot practice! And that is the yummiest ‘after’ I’ve seen in a long time! luuuuuuuv it.

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