Mountain getaway

We’re back from our little getaway to the Georgia mountains. I had every intention of blogging while gone but internet service was spotty up there and it was more frustrating that rewarding to blog. Here’s a rundown of what we did (warning: not blogging for almost a week makes this blog post picture heavy)…

This is our cabin where we stayed. Believe it or not, I didn’t get a shot of it but my mom took this with her cell phone.

Our dear friend Jane met us up there. She lives in North Carolina and decided to meet up with us for the weekend. The plan for our first night was to hit Walmart to pick up some food and grilling necessities. However, on our way down to the town, Jane heard something while driving and her oil light came on immediately. We were all afraid that something had punctured her oil pan. So, under the car my dad went. Most of you don’t know this, but it’s almost a Long/Cunningham tradition to have car problems while on vacation (sometimes even before leaving the state)! Luckily it was only the plug to the oil pan! She had her oil changed before coming to Georgia and they didn’t screw it on tight enough. My dad made a run to a local auto parts store (thankfully there was one close) and bought a new plug and more oil. We thought we were on our way. Boy, we thought wrong! As he was checking the oil levels, the top of the dipstick came right off with the dipstick still in the car!

We tried everything from tweezers to bobby pins to pry it out of there with no luck. Then a Long/Cunningham vacation first: a stop by the Sheriff! He wanted to make sure everything was ok. When we told him the whole story, he replied in the deepest southern drawl, “Man, that’s some bad luck.” Ya think? My dad figured it’d be ok to leave it like that for now (and keep checking it throughout the trip) and we headed to town for some Mexican food, margaritas and then Walmart. This is when I downloaded Instagram for iPhone. I’ve heard all about it but never played with it much. My first “share” was my margarita. I swear this thing seemed to be 5 gallons!

The next day took us to Helen for tubing and shopping. If you ever get the chance to go tubing there, you must do it! I managed to get stuck on every rock possible but it was the most fun I had on the trip! There was tons of laughing, tons of opportunities to make fun of my family and tons of fun. Obviously, I didn’t take my camera down the river so I don’t have any pictures of the trip but trust me: it’s a hoot. Helen is a cute town with a German feel to it. We had lunch at one of the German restaurants. The best part: baked pretzel! 

Just a few minutes from our cabin, on the side of the road was a junk yard. Tons of cars and parts just piled on the side of the road. Only in the country! Oh, the stories these cars could tell.Views like this were all over the place:

One of the things my mom and dad really wanted to do while up there was collect some rocks. Not just the “put them around the house” kind of collection, though. They’re adding a waterfall in their backyard and need lots and lots of rocks. Rocks are really expensive here in Florida and we don’t have a river in our neighborhood (or anywhere close). One of the vacation goals was to fill up the trunks of my car (and Jane’s) with rocks. Lots of them. We found a small creek (not to be named just in case some sort of rock authority is reading this blog) and hit the jackpot! Here’s my mom and dad showing off their spoil (taken with my mom’s phone). Can you tell she’s excited?

Everyone got in on the action:Then it was off to Anna Ruby Falls. It’s a great place and the rain held off just long enough for us to climb to the top and get these:

Jackson didn’t want to jump at the top of the falls but promised me he’d let me take a jumping picture later at the lake. The boys had never swam in a lake before but they took to it like white on rice. I’m not sure why, but in this picture Jackson looks like he has dislocated his shoulder. I assure you, he’s perfectly fine.

The next day, we headed to Dahlonega. Coffee shop, guitar shop and an antique mall made this trip well worth it. Lookie what I found:See the green one on the top of this next photo? She came home with me:Anyone know anything about taking pictures with the Instamatics? I know I’ll have to get the film online and Ritz said they send it out for processing. Any other tips?

The last day included a quick trip to the creek by our cabin for fishing. No fish were caught, but I caught these pictures! All the same to me.

Checking out the lure:That’s it for now. I’ve got a couple more pictures from our trip home but I’ll save them for tomorrow. And I’ve got a cool website to share with you, too. Don’t let me forget, ok?


4 thoughts on “Mountain getaway

  1. Hey were you at vogel state park swimming in the lake? We went Helen also and i love it there. Did you see how big the flowers were in the shopping area. What about goats on the roof. Did ya ever make it there. We fed the bears in Helen. I want to go back and never come home.

    • No, we were at Unicoi State Park for the lake. Yes, the flowers were HUGE!! I had one picture of the giant hibiscus with Ethan next to it – it was as big as his head! Never made it to Goats on the Roof but I do remember passing it. I wanted to feed the bears, too but it was just so hot. Yeah…I could have stayed another 2 months!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos and your commentary – I so want to go on a Cunningham/Long/Davenport trip:) It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

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