Vacation and the important stuff in life

I promised a cool, new (well, new to me) web site today but first I’m going to bore you with the 2011 version of vacation slides. We decided to break up the trip home and make it a two day affair. The first day, we stopped in the cute little town of Newnan. My childhood friend, Jeni, lives there with her family and she met us for a day of shopping and coffee. Her son, Carter, and Ethan have been friends since day one. We were pregnant together and I just love that we’re still friends even though she’s so far away.

Newnan has the cutest little courthouse right in the middle of downtown. 

The next day we stopped in Tifton. I have to say that I agree with their advertising blitz – they are a friendly little town. And they have the cutest theater. Wouldn’t you love to see at night?


As you can see, I was loving the iPhone by this time. My purse was getting heavier and heaver every day and by the last two days I wasn’t up to having the camera around my neck as well. Ken is the ever-helpful husband but he wasn’t up to carrying my purse. So the camera stayed in the car and I took my phone with me instead.

It was a great vacation long weekend get away and we were busy as usual. There’s no vacation like a Long/Cunningham vacation!

OK, onto the cool website. It’s called The Burning House. You submit a picture of the stuff you’d take with you if your house were on fire. It’s quite a lot to think about. I actually ended up choosing less than I originally thought I would. Honestly, the important stuff in my life isn’t stuff at all. I’d love to take my grandmother’s china but I can’t see myself lugging the china cabinet through the front door. Same goes with my coffee table that my dad made. Here’s my list:


I’d take the following:

  • My two boys
  • MacBook Pro
  • external hard drive with countless pictures and music
  • iPhone
  • camera (pictured on iPhone)
  • wedding ring
  • husband (not pictured because I’m pretty sure he’ll be helping me get the heck outta there)

So there you have it. My whole life summed up in 8 items. What would you take with you?


4 thoughts on “Vacation and the important stuff in life

  1. Looks like a fun day! I actually had to do a speech on what I would take with me in case of a fire for public speaking. You’re right…it’s tough to seriously consider it. Thanks for the link to the site…I’ll have to check it out!

  2. I love your vacation photos! That theater is so cool. And so is that website you shared. Hmm? I’ll have to think about what I’d take….but the kids for sure, of course! 🙂

  3. Amber, I am so honored to have made your blog today! It was such a pleasure to show you around our little downtown here in Newnan. Thanks so much for making time for a visit. I am so proud to have you as my lifetime friend. We have changed a lot through the years, but you have always been there for me. (Even when I needed help to the doctor’s office for an MRI on my knee!)

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